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Nautical Buoy Wreath


  • Round Green Foam Wreath Form from the dollar tree
  • Hot Glue Gun/ Glue sticks
  • 4 Nautical Ropes Dollar Tree
  • Scissors


  • I started by adding a line of hot glue to the inside of the wreath form and pressing the nautical rope firmly on top. I found that laying the wreath form down and then adding the glue and nautical rope was easier and created a better ring on the inside that was straight. I repeated this through the inside adding glue to the wreath form and some to the rope where it would overlap to make sure that it adhered well.
  • Keep this going until you have covered the top and over to the outside edge. I repeated this until it hit the side that would touch the wall and I didn’t continue this on the backside as it wouldn’t be seen.
  • When I go to the end of a rope, I just started a new one right next to it.
  • Once completely wrapped to your liking, add some hot glue to the backside and wrap the nautical rope around 3 times around and then trim at the end adding hot glue to secure it. Repeat this 3 more times on the wreath and then cut a small piece to use as a hanger and adhere with hot glue.