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Button Chicken Art


  • 8x10 Frame
  • Optional - A few sprigs of dried herbs or flowers – These were from Hobby Lobby
  • Buttons – These wood buttons are great!
  • Assorted Sizes Art Button for DIY Crafts Decoration, Sewing
  • Burlap Craft Sheets - 8x10
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


  • Gather buttons together. I like to dump them all on a paper plate and then sift through to find the colors I want to use. Here I chose red tones, black buttons, orange, and light beige. I also chose small and medium sized buttons.
  • Lay out the outline of the chicken, starting with the head, using red buttons for the chicken comb and waddle. Use dark buttons for the leg and foot.
  • Once you get the outline set, start gluing buttons into place.
  • Start to fill in the chicken with medium sized buttons and smaller ones for tight spaces.
  • Now we will build up the chicken by overlapping buttons. Here you can bring in orange tones to add depth and outline your chicken wing. I used black for the wing.
  • Once your chicken is finished, you can hot glue a few sprigs of dried herbs or flowers at the sides of the chicken.
  • Hang to display or set on a buffet.